Traditions (pusaka)

Our traditions are the gifts of wisdom of the Masters. It is spiritual chivalry, good manners, personal integrity, and social responsibility. Pusaka is the blueprint of Pencak Silat which provides the explanation of the physical mechanics through the principles, attributes, and qualities. It is the why behind the how. These traditions are derived from Indonesian and Malaysian martial arts wisdom and Ansari Qadiri-Rifai Sufi Order spiritual practices.

The physical principles are the laws of physics and motion that are learned from the jurus and lankah. These are we put to use during a confrontation to gain a tactical advantage. When these principles are applied correctly a Pencak Silat practitioner moves with effortlessness and grace.
Principles include: Breathing, grounding, stability, sensitivity, stillness, relaxation, timing, range (of threat), distancing, semangat (flaring up), masukan (entering), tubrukan (colliding), gayong (evasion), bantingan (shock), pimbangan (grabbing), chambering, seating, centerline control, acceleration, passing, deflection, interception, infiltration, stealing space, stealing balance, levering, throwing, vacuum, adhesion, spiraling, rotation (centrifugal force/ centripetal force), expansion, constriction.

Attributes are the external elements that we see in the natural and spiritual world that we can lay over our movements like a template. Working with an attribute for a period of time allows us to internalize that aspect to give our movement an added dimension.
Attributes include: perasahan lahar (sensitive lava), sifat kilat (attribute of lightning), monkey, tiger, the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and light, The 99 Most Beautiful Names of the Divine

Qualities are the mental, emotional and personal aspects of ourselves that we can develop and refine through guidance and discipline in order to manifest a chivalric personality. These are the qualities that ultimately differentiate a warrior from a brawler.
Qualities include: rabita (connection), surrender; blessing, step, encounter; toughness, ferocity, grace; respect, trust, patience, zeal; intention (niyat), attention, presence; unity (tawhid/ajeg), certainty, chivalry, manners, cleanliness, honor, humility, kuat Hati (courage), impeccability, kardesh (solidarity), sincerity, persistence, focus, perception, awareness, confidence, calmness, misdirection/deception, cool under fire, tactical awareness, strategy, service, attenuation, empathy, relentlessness.