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The Open Circle Academy is a school of the Southeast Asian Martial Arts of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We encourage an atmosphere of relaxed discipline—training is both intense and fun.

We believe that a student of the martial arts must be sincere and work hard. At the same time we also attempt to avoid the pitfall of taking ourselves too seriously. The Open Circle Academy is a safe and supportive environment for men and women of all ages to train and excel.

Our training focuses on the fundamentals and as such we practice our jurus, dasar and stances 10,000 times each to gain a mastery of the basics. We make our training as realistic as possible while staying safe and healthy.
We attempt to optimize our skills for the modern world. As such we concentrate on the practical aspects of personal self defense in a dark parking lot or on a subway while still giving attention to the artistry and wisdom contained in the systems.

The main purpose of this website is to serve as a workbook for students of the Open Circle Academy to use in their daily training. Secondarily, this website is designed to provide a compendium of some of the West Javanese, Sumatran, Malaysian and Philippine martial arts—those that Guru Rennie and his students have trained in. It also serves as a growing archive of Southeast Asian Martial Arts so that the information and wisdom of our teachers is not lost.

Students of the Open Circle Academy will use this web-based training manual to reference their lesson plans as prescribed by the Gurus and Coaches.