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Ibu Rita Seminar – San Francisco

Guru Besar Rita Suwanda is the head of the Mande Muda system and a master teacher able to share a deep understanding of the Indonesian martial arts in practical terms. In this seminar, she will cover practical self-defense strategies from Mande Muda including weapon play with knife, golok, sarong, short stick, long stick, and Demonstrasi (2-person technique) to train reaction and timing. Bring your training weapons if you have them!

Martial artists of all levels who want training time with one of the living masters of the West
Javanese martial arts. The pace will be rigorous and the information useful for anyone with an
interest in the Southeast Asian martial arts.

For those coming from out of town, we recommend this hotel. It is new, clean, and only a few blocks from our school.

Photo of Ibu Rita Suwanda


Saturday, April 14th
Sunday, April 15th
11am to 4pm with a 1-hour lunch
Doors open at 10am for sign-in and warm up.

Hwa Rang Kwan
90 Welsh St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Red Room (upstairs)

How much:
The fee is $120 for two days of training
$100 for one day of training

Ibu Rita Seminar