Open Circle


An Open Circle
We practice martial arts because we are driven to be prepared to defend ourselves and our loved ones. But we also love the sweat, bruises and camaraderie that comes with the intense training inherent in learning to how to fight. We love the martial arts as a discipline and as a science. We don’t know everything. Hell, we CAN’T know everything. So although we dedicate ourselves to understanding Pencak Silat Gerakan Suci, we leave the circle open to our brothers and sisters of other styles and disciplines to join us and learn with us and to share with us what they know.

The Open Circle Academy encourages an atmosphere of relaxed discipline. Training is both intense but enjoyable. We believe that a student of the martial arts must be sincere and work hard. At the same time we work to avoid the pitfall of taking ourselves too seriously. The Open Circle Academy is a safe and supportive environment for men and women of all ages to train and excel.

Together in training – Bersama dalam pelatihan – Seamen in opleiding