Gerakan Suci 2.0

Originally posted April 20, 2007 Salaam web traveler, Sifat Kilat is the attribute of lightning, that moment of understanding that comes when you have been working through a challenge. The purpose of this forum is to share my thoughts and experiences in the Indo-Malay martial arts and my process of understanding. My desire in this […]

Inaugural class in San Francisco

Originally posted April 30, 2007 The Yoga Loft April 28th marked the beginning of a new era for Pencak Silat Gerakan Suci with our inaugural class at the Yoga Loft. After a year of holding classes in my basement amidst unpacked boxes, baby toys and strollers we are opening up classes to more participants. We […]

I’m back! – Catching up

Originally posted May 1, 2008 Greetings and Peace, It has been a year and a day since my last blog post, but merely a week since I last thought of sitting down to do this update. There comes a point in the not-doing of something when it becomes an overwhelming task. In the case of […]

Keys, Memory, and the Student/Teacher Relationship

Originally posted May 5, 2008 Memory Pendekar Herman Suwanda was tragically killed in an automobile incident on March 21st, 2000. I mention this not just because it is the eighth anniversary of what the Sufis call his Wedding with the Divine. I say this as a reminder to myself; it has been eight years since […]

Daily Practice – Recovery, Discipline & Goal Setting

Originally posted May 19th, 2008 Way back in 1989 I was still an avid surfer and made time several days a week to hit the waves at any of the local surf spots around Santa Cruz. At the time I was riding a custom-built Pearson-Arrow gun; 7’6″ long, tri-fin, egg rails and a custom paint […]